You sliced the demons hand off the one that was dragging the person on the floor.

You're walking and traveling to different towns to find some food or to get some help, however, because of having a demon-like eyes, no one wants to.

rengoku x reader (angst) summary: rengoku dies, and you have to face the consequences. .


Feb 1, 2023 · Michael.

The action sent a renewed warmth throughout (Y/n), and she found herself clinging tightly to Kyōjurō’s shoulders, as she moved her hips against him in slow, teasing movements. You never really liked to talk to people and all in all were kinda cold and never felt in love before. fanfictionlover277353 liked this.

You shook the guys shoulder.

You were too late and the demon deepened its claws in the side of your stomach. Rengoku is slow yet precise when he eats your pussy. You have a secret romantic relationship with Rengoku Kyojuro, the flame hashira.

It’s been 4 days ever since Kyojuro left for a mission. .

He loves sucking your clit into his mouth, moaning around it and making your body shake as he abuses your cute little bud.


. “R-Rengoku, what are you-“ His hand engulfs the back of your head as you are pulled down into a hot desperate kiss.

kiss kiss fall in love’. Seriously I was beginning to wonder why u disappeared 😢.

You yelled in pain but stood up, right in.

Word count: 1.


You shook the guys shoulder. You kissed him back passionately and ran your hands through his soft long locks of hair. Enywho can you ignore my recent request and maybe do a kyojuro x reader where reader and him aren’t officially a ‘couple’ (like their still hiding their feelings) but are close friends.

warnings: ANGST. See a recent post on Tumblr from @abbylouamanda about rengoku fluff. Two loving parents. rengoku had told you to wait in his house, because he wanted you there when he returned back from his mission. Yandere! Stepbrother! Kyojuro Rengoku x Reader Synopsis: Your mother and your step-father announce that she’s pregnant.


My First Love is a story based on love at first sight. .


Now go back to sleep, we'll talk in the morning.

Untill you met Rengoku Kyojuro, the Falme Hashira.

He mentioned it was quite a bit away, but you didn’t expect him to be gone for this long.

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