Hi, having had a similar fault, flashing odometer and after spending £84 on Proxy alignment the Fiat garage sate B&M ECU had failed and quoted £450 to replace.

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Read the info on the Multiecuscan site about OBD-II tools and adapter cables.


35% for sums greater than £500,000. For instance ready for 2016 Fiat 500e PROXY Alignment (very popular problem DTCs U1733-87) Instead of plugging in, the yellow A3 adapter, you just have to flip the switch on my modified specially for Fiat 500e OBD diagnostic tool. .

It is what Fiat calls a Proxy Alignment.

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An on-screen message will inform you if this adapter is necessary.

After all I tried to do the proxy with TEXA, DELPHI, fiat WI TECH --> not succesful.

Displayed on screen is this message: “This procedure is used to display the proxy configuration status of the entire vehicle and copy the proxy configuration data into any required ECUs. An on-screen message will inform you if this adapter is necessary.

I have attempted to do a proxi alignment which supposedly should fix my flashing odometer problem. 3261 Views 8 Replies Latest reply: 2017-06-10 19:33:48.

The developer does not recommend using ELM327 adapters for proxy alignments.
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You'll also need a Windows-compatible laptop with a USB port, to run.

The PROXI Alignment procedure is used to configure the modules connected to the CAN network of the vehicle.

Sep 10, 2021 · If not, try this: Immediately after the failed alignment click "disconnect" at the bottom of the Adjustments tab. In the past I've done the same to a Dodge Dart, used alfaobd software to write the vin to the new PCM, ran a proxy alignment and the car started right up. Then click on the PDF Icon on the page with the "Proxi Alignment Procedure (models with Uconnect)" Option.

They often cause issues and will not allow the proxy alignment to complete. Management fees are staggered on a sliding scale, from 0. Don't know what car they have but I know a fair few Fiat's I have seen don't have switch's it's just done through the lock/latch mechanism. Feb 28, 2022 · Multiecuscan software can be purchased (downloaded) from Multiecuscan - Diagnostics software for Italian cars for 50 Euros. News. Jun 16, 2021 · There were other Fiat Pop owners who encountered similar issues and had what is referred to as a proxy alignment.

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Do not be tempted to try to save money by fitting a cheaper battery of a lower specification to a S/S 500 - your S/S won't work for more than a short while, if it even works at all.

proxy alignment only makes all the modules talk to each other and accept each other as a team.

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Management fees are staggered on a sliding scale, from 0.